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The Package

Following the success of the previous three best-selling editions, A Question of Faith has been written specifically for the new Junior Cycle Religious Education specification and provides complete coverage of the new course.

Our highly experienced author team, with a combined religious education teaching of 45 years, has designed an attractive, engaging and comprehensive package for new Junior Cycle Religion. Niamh McDermott and Lori Whelan also lecture to 3rd level PMEs, are Chief Advising Examiners for the State Exams Commission and have delivered RE in-service training to teachers around the country.

The package includes:

  • Student Textbook
  • Free Student Activity Book
  • Free Student e-Book
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Digital Resources

Student Textbook

  • Covers the entire new Junior Cycle Religious Education course in a one-book format
  • Content covered in a neutral manner to appeal to students of all faiths or of no faith and is suitable for mixed-ability groups – in line with the new specification
  • The three elements of enquiry, exploration and reflection and action are highlighted throughout the textbook and the student activity book
  • Shows which Statements of Learning and Key Skills from the Junior Cycle Framework are covered in each chapter
  • Learning Outcomes are at the beginning of each chapter to encourage Assessment for Learning (AFL)
  • Each of the three strands are clearly explained at the start of each section
  • Wellbeing indicators are highlighted in each chapter
  • Language is student-friendly and features a Literacy Library to explain difficult words and concepts, linking to the DES National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy
  • Engaging examples from the modern world such as the artist Stormzy (English rapper), Malala Yousafzai (young woman who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 aged 17) Cian Lynch (Limerick hurler) and Ariana Grande (singer) are used to explain concepts
  • Carefully graded questions including probing question suggestions to challenge more able students
  • Includes activities suitable for Classroom Based Activities (CBAs) and Assessment Task
  • Reflective activities are provided at the end of each chapter
  • Vibrant illustrations, photographs and easy-to-follow icons for weblinks and group work, etc.
A Question of Faith New Junior Cycle Religion


A Question of Faith New Junior Cycle Religion

Student Activity Book

  •  Contains extra activities and tips to support learning
  • Encourages AFL through use of activities such as word searches, matching exercises, reflection timeline for each term’s work, mind maps and self-assessment grids


Teacher Resource Book and Planning Guidelines/Aids

A Question of Faith Teacher’s Resource Book provides all the support you need to teach the new course. It uses a more integrated, non-linear approach which helps teachers make links between different parts of the specification, and suggests which chapters can be grouped together under a relevant theme to form a unit of learning. It contains:

  • Templates for AFL strategies that can be used in the classroom
  • A suggested yearly plan and scheme of work that is editable
  • Step-by-step planning guides to ensure students engage fully with the learning outcomes specified for the two CBAs and final examination
  • Success criteria clearly shown in suggested activities
  • Activity handouts which can be photocopied by the teacher
  • Glossary of terms used in the specification


Digital Resources

Teachers can access A Question of Faith interactive e-book at, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Editable lesson plans to aid teacher planning
  • PowerPoint presentations that summarise key themes and encourage class discussion
  • A series of stimulating videos that allow students to observe religion in action
  • Interview videos enhance learning and are also helpful for Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs), e.g. recording of student conducting an interview
  • A comprehensive list of weblinks as resource recommendations
  • Songsheet documents that explore the link between music and religion

FREE e-book

  • Students and teachers can download their free A Question of Faith e-book by visiting and entering the code from inside the front cover of the textbook.